Pile, Cascata delle

Cascata delle Pile is a waterfall in the Val D’Oten, northwest of Calalzo di Cadore, in the region Veneto, Italy

The Val D’Oten is a long valley formed by the chain Marmarole that closes to the north and by the massif of Mount Antelao that dominates northwest. To get there you must go through the city center of Calalzo di Cadore. Drive on to Praciadelan from where you have to walk to Cascata delle Pile.

It is a 40-60 minute walk (2,5 kilometer) along a dust road that ends near the waterfall. The road is not always in good condition due to the constant moving of the cones of gravel. The last part is through a narrow gorge and you have to find your way over big rocks and over small streams. Looks like a nice hike to me.

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About Pile, Cascata delle

LocationVal d'Oten / Praciadelan - Calalzo di Cadore
Best visitEarly summer-summer