Cascata Saleduogna

(Pisandol Saleduogna)

Cascata Saleduogna is a beautiful waterfall with a single drop of appr. 90 meter located near Passo di Sant’Osvaldo, west of Cimolais in the region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy.

Driving on road SR251 between Cimolais and Erto you will see a big waterfall at the north side of the road. You can park the car at a restaurant called “Agriturismo Passo Sant’Osvaldo” (gps 46.284810, 12.402588). West of the restaurant a trail runs to cascata Saleduogna which can be reached within 10-15 minutes. It is also possible to get a good view from the roadside.

Although cascata Saleduogna is a low volume waterfall, in springtime/early summer the waterfall looks very nice with a single drop of appr 90 meter.

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About Cascata Saleduogna

CountryWaterfalls in Italy
RegionFriuli-Venezia Giulia
LocationPasso di Sant'Osvaldo, Cimolais, Longarone
RiverTorrente Tuora
Best visitSpring, early summer

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