Pison, Cascata del

Cascata del Pison is a fascinating waterfall in the gorge of the Val Meledrio near Dimaro in the region Trentino – Alto Adige, Italy.

The waterfall highlights the power of the stream Meledrio, that with this double jump of water makes the woods resound.

The waterfall can be reached from Dimaro. From the road to Folgarida, on the first bend turn onto the road that goes up the valley of the Meledrio, alongside the stream. After crossing the Pont dela Calcara, where you can see the large open bridle and high thresholds that slow down the force of the river, the road goes up a few bends. From one of these a second narrower road leads quickly to the capitello della Madonnina del Doss. A few hundred meters more and you come to a tunnel and just after the Pont del Pison from where the waterfall is visible from above. To enjoy the best view of the falls we must continue for about 50 meters and then go up the path on the right. After a few tens of meters back down through the forest we arrive in front of the waterfall. There is also a bench where you can admire the beautiful view.

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About Pison, Cascata del

RegionTrentino - Alto Adige (Südtirol)
LocationVal Meledrio
Best visitSpring - Early summer