Pisse, Cascata delle

Cascata delle Pisse is a tall waterfall near Alagna Valsesia in the region Piemonte, Italy. Cascata delle Pisse is near Cascata del Sesia, one of the better known waterfalls in Italy and is a tourist attraction.

From highroad A26 you have to take the exit to Romagnano Sesia and proceed to Varallo and Alagna Valsesia. At the end of the road there is a big parking where you have to park your car.

From here you can follow the road along the river Sesia. First you will see  Cascata dell’Acqua Bianca and short after that you will reach Cascata del Sesia. The walk takes about 30 minutes (2 kilometer).

It is also possible to buy a ticket for the bus (euro 2) that brings you to a square at Cascata dell’Acqua Bianca.

From Cascata del Sesia you can walk further into the valley and visit the taller waterfall Cascate delle Pisse at the end of the valley. Cascata delle Pisse is left of the valley and is a river that comes down from Alpe la Balma. The source of the river Pisse lies at the galciers at the several mountains with peaks over 4.000 meter, one of the highest mountainranges in the Alps.

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About Pisse, Cascata delle

LocationAlagna Valsesia
Best visitSummer

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