Pozo Airón, Cascada

Cascada Pozo Airón is one of the many waterfalls near the river Douro on the border between Spain and Portugal. Cascada Pozo Airón is located in Parque Natural de Arribes del Duero, west of Pereña de la Ribera, in the region Castilla y León-Salamanca, Spain.

From Salamanca drive to Vitigudino>Las Uces>Masueco (CL 517>SA 314). From Pereña de la Ribera a small dust road (Camino de la Gargatina) is going west to Cascada Pozo Airón. After 1,5 kilomter there is a small parking. From here you have to walk north along the river for 45 minutes (?) until you reach the beautiful Cascada Pozo Airón.

In summertime there is hardly any water in the river Arroyo de los Cuernos. Best time to visit Cascada Pozo Airón is early in the year or after heavy rainfall.

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About Pozo Airón, Cascada

RegionCastilla y León-Salamanca
LocationPereña de la Ribera
RiverArroyo de los Cuernos
Height50m +90m
Best visitWinter-spring-after heavy rainfall

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