Cascada del Pinero

Cascada del Pinero is an unknown waterfall with a single drop of 40 meters. Cascada del Pinero is located in Parque Natural de Arribes del Duero, northeast of Corporario, in the region Castilla y León-Zamora, Spain.

From Salamanca drive to Vitigudino>Las Uces>Masueco>Corporario (CL 517>SA 314). From Corporario there is a road (Calle Sta Margarita) going north. After 2 kilometer there is a dustroad going right towards the river. I think you have to park the car somewhere here. After a short while you reach the river and you have to walk north until you see Cascada del Pinero.

In summertime there is hardly any water in the river. Best time to visit Cascada del Pinero is early in the year or after heavy rainfall.

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About Cascada del Pinero

RegionCastilla y Leon - Salamanca
Best visitWinter-Spring

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