Rinka Slap

Slap Rinka is one of the highest free fall waterfalls in Slovenia with a free fall of 90 meters. Slap Rinka is located in the valley Logarska Dolina in the north of Slovenia.

The contrast with the red-orange background makes this waterfall special and nice to photograph. A short distance from the waterfall dives into the water deep into the ground and then further up the valley to gush to the surface.

The best location to view the waterfall is from the high Kamniško Saddle. The most accessible way on the road that runs through the valley. From the parking lot, it is still a good 15 minute walk to the viewing platform Orlovo Gnezdo (Eagles Nest). It is possible to see the falls throughout the year. In winter Slap Rinka is a popular destination for ice climbing.

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About Rinka Slap

CountryWaterfalls in Slovenia
RegionSavinjska - Mozirje
LocationLogarska dolina - Solcava
Best visitSpring - Autumn