Rjukanfossen (Tovdal)

Rjukanfossen (Smoking Falls) near Tovdal in the province Vest Agder is still unspoiled by water regulation and has a free fall of 45 meter, situated in  a beautiful sight in the woods of Tovdal. I think the fall is a little bit less high, but nevertheless very impressive. Rjukanfossen with a total height of 45 meter is one of the tallest waterfalls in the region of Aust-Agder. There is also a 105 meters high waterfall with the same name near Rjukan in Telemark.

Rjukanfossen is located at the end of the Tovdal, north of the Hamlet Dale. From Dolemo, first take road 413 to the west, but after a short while take the exit into the Tovdalen (Fv272). Follow road Fv272 for 26 kilometer until the road ends at Dale. There is a sign pointing to Rjukanfossen.

Park the car here and cross the river Dalsåna until you reach the west bank of the river. From here it is an easy walk following the river for 3,1 kilometers (60 minutes). Only at the end the trail goes up for a short while. Follow the red marks alongside the river up to Årdalen Nature Reserve.

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About Rjukanfossen (Tovdal)

RegionAust Agder
Best visitEarly summer, autumn

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