Sailhant, Cascade du

(Cascade de Barbory, Cascade de Babory)

Cascade de Sailhant or Cascade de Barbory (sometimes written without the r: Babory) is one of those beauties you seldom see. Not because of the height but because of the environment. Cascade de Sailhant (Cascade de Barbory) drops down over 30 meters with a basalt rock wall at the background.

Cascade de Sailhant (Cascade de Barbory) is located at the hamlet Le Sailhant, near a castle. From Saint Flour take road D40 to Andelat and Le Sailhant. From the center of the village a trail leads to the base of the waterfall. It is a short walk, 5-10 minutes.

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About Sailhant, Cascade du

LocationLe Sailhant-Andelat-Saint Flour
Best visitSpring

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