(Simms wasserfall, Rossgumpen wasserfall)

The Simms wasserfall or Simmsfall is in the early summer a powerful waterfall in the the river Höhenbach near Holzgau in the Allgäu Alps (Tirol, Austria). The Simms wasserfall drops down over 44 meters over 3 stages: 36 + 5 + 3 meters.

The Simms wasserfall can be reached by foot from Holzgau in 20 minutes. The walk starts behind the church in Holzgau and there two parking lots. I parked the car at a school, next to the river. From here follow the path next to the river. After about 20 to 30 minutes you can hear already the thunder of Simms-waterfall. The trail is signed so you can’t miss the magnificent Simms wasserfall.

Best time to visit the Simms wasserfall is from the second part of the morning. The Simms wasserfall falls towards the southeast-southwest.

At the Rossgumpenalp (up from the Simms wasserfall) there are several other waterfalls. The biggest is called the Rossgumpen wasserfall and is a mighty and high waterfall. This takes another 1,5-2 hours to come there.

Since 2012 a suspension bridge was built so a roundtrip (wasserfall rundweg) along the Simms wasserfall was possible. That should take 75-90 minutes.

In a 1907 trip to the Alps, Hamburg-born Frederick Richard Simms discovered a waterfall near the village of Holzgau, now called the Simms wasserfall. According to several stories Frederick Richard Simms created the waterfall by changing the watercourse. Nowadays part of the water is derived to its original course.

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About Simmsfall

Best visitEarly summer

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