Sotillo, Cascadas de

Cascadas de Sotillo is a collective noun for several cascades/waterfalls in the river Arroyo de las Truchas & Arroyo Pingón, that are part of the national park “El Parque Natural del Lago de Sanabria”. There is also a single waterfall called Cascada de Sotillo (in Arroyo Pingón).

Cascadas de Sotillo are located west of Sotillo de Sanabria (near Puebla de Sanabaria) in the region Castilla y Leon-Zamora, Spain.From Puebla de Sanabaria drive north to El Puente over road ZA-104 and there go left to Sotillo de Sanabria/Lago de Sanabria.

From Sotillo de Sanabria a trail starts heading south and then going west to Cascadas de Sotillo/Laguna de Sotillo. A roundtrip is appr 10 kilometers and only the walk to Cascada de Sotillo is appr 4 kilometer and will take over 1,5 hour, ascending 500 meter.

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About Sotillo, Cascadas de

RegionCastilla y León-Zamora
RiverArroyo de las Truchas & Arroyo Pingón
Best visitSpring-early summer

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