St Nectans waterfall

(St Nectans Kieve)

St Nectans waterfall is an amazing waterfall in a gorge covered with moss, looking almost surrealistic. The gorge St Nectans Kieve is located northeast of Tintagel and can be reached several ways.

There is a parking at Trevillet but the official entrance/car park is at Trethevy, along road B3263. St Nectans Glenn is only open at daytime (limited out of the high season). Entrance fee is required. From the parking it is 15-20 minute walk to the waterfall.

There is a shallow pool following the waterfall which with wellington boots (provided free of charge) you can walk in to see the full beauty of the waterfall.

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About St Nectans waterfall

CountryUnited Kingdom
LocationTrethevy, Tintagel
Best visitSpring, early summer

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