Storforsen (Vidsel)

Storforsen is one of the biggest waterfall in Europe, speaking in terms of volume. With an average volume of 250 m3/s, Storforsen is in the top 10 of most powerful waterfalls in Europe. In summertime the average flow is 870 m3/s with a highest volume ver measures of 1200 m3/s!!!

Storforsen has a descent of 80 meters in 5 kilometer with 60 single drops and is located in the river Piteälven

Maybe that Storforsen is more a rapid then a waterfall but it looks quit impressive.

To get to the Storforsen, drive north from Älvsbyn over road 374 until you reach Hotel Storforsen.

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About Storforsen (Vidsel)

CountryWaterfalls in Sweden
RegionNorrbottens län
Best visitSpring