Stroppia, Cascate dello

Cascate delle Stroppia is one of the biggest waterfall in Italy with a total descent of appr 320 meters and is an official named waterfall. In June Cascate delle Stroppia gets more powerful and then is very impressive to see.

Cascate delle Stroppia is located at the end of Valle Maira (Cuneo) in the region Piemonte, Italy. From Cuneo you have to take road SP422 to Dronero>Ponte Maira>Chiappera. After Chiappera you have to park the car at Rifugio Campo Base.

From here a trail/private road leads to the north heading to Rifugio di Stroppia. It a 20 minute walk to the base of Cascate delle Stroppia. From here you can walk further on to Rifugio di Stroppia along the waterfall with several good viewpoints.

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About Stroppia, Cascate dello

LocationValle Maira-Cuneo
RiverLago Niera
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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