Tervela, cascata

(Cascate del Monte Pana, Raida dl Luech)

It took a while before I discovered that the common name of this waterfall in St Christina Val Gardena is cascata Tervela. Cascata Tervela is a beautiful 30-50 meter high waterfall near the skilift of Monte Pana, near the city centre of St Christina.

From the parking of the skilift Monte Pana it is a short walk to Cascata Tervela, sometime also referred as cascate del Monte Pana or named after a trail Raida dl Luech. The trail is passing the bottom of the waterfall with some good viewpoints.

I have seen several nice pictures of the waterfall but I can’t find any river on maps. So I think the waterfall is only visible in springtime and early summer.

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About Tervela, cascata

RegionTrentino – Alto Adige (Südtirol)
LocationSt Christina, Val Gardena
Best visitSpring, early summer

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