Trockenbach wasserfall


The Trockenbach wasserfall (Trockenbachfall) is a low volume waterfall in beautiful area. The river Trockenbach is situated in a small canyon suitable for canyoning. There are several small rapids and waterfalls in the stream but the last part is called the Trockenbach wasserfall and is appr. 25 meters high.

The Trockenbach wasserfall is located very near the border with Germany. From Kufstein drive north and the exit Oberaudorf. Proceed on the L209 east of the river Inn. Before Erl you will cross The river Trockenbach. At the north side of the river a path leads to the Trockenbach wasserfall in 10 minutes.

After heavy rainfall the Trockenbach wasserfall will bulge to a nice powerful waterfall. The stream in the river can vary much.

The Trockenbach wasserfall falls towards the west/southwest and can best be visited in the afternoon.

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About Trockenbach wasserfall

Best visitAfter heavy rainfall