Valnesfossen (or Valnesforsen) is a waterfall south of Valnes, not far from Bodø in the region Nordland, Norway.

Valnesfossen is located along road 17. The road runs over the top of the waterfall but parking the car is a problem here. It is also possible to hike to the bottom of Valnesfossen.

Access to Valnesfossen is possible from the junction Fv17>Valnes. From here you have to walk upstream on a forrest road (paralel to the river) until you reach Valnesfossen after 1,5 kilometer (25 minutes). The walk is easy and standing at the bottom of the waterfall gives you a certain feeling: how powerful water is and how big the waterfall is.

Probably there is also a trail starting in the hamlet Skalmo. On the map I see a trail approaching the waterfall from the east, but I can’t see if it ends below the Valnesfossen.

Valnesfossen is the biggest waterfall in the region of Bodø with a free fall of 60 meters. The river Valnesfossen can be quit powerful which makes the Valnesfossen a superb waterfall to visit.

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