Vegay, Cascade de

Cascade de Vegay is a waterfall east of Aiglun in the region Alpes/Alpes Maritimes, France.

Cascade de Vegay is an impressive waterfall with three tiers. The biggest tier has a single drop of appr. 80 meters, but in total the waterfall is over 140 meters high.

Cascade de Vegay is located along road D10, east of Aiglun. Cascade de Vegay is visible from the roadside but is also possible to hike to the base of the waterfall, a nice place for a quick shower with warm weather. From Aiglun there is a small road heading to the river L’Esteron. After crossing the river go left and follow the river until there is a trail to Cascade de Vegay, there are signs.

Or drive from Vascognes to Pont de Vegay and park the car here. From here the walk is shorter, appr 30 minutes (1,6 kilometer).



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About Vegay, Cascade de

RegionAlpes/Alpes Maritimes
RiverVallon de Végay
Height90m +140m
Best visitEarly spring-after heavy rainfall

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