Cascade Saut du Ray

Cascade Saut du Ray is a very nice waterfall southeast of Coursegoules in the region Alpes/Alpes-Maritimes, France.

From Coursegoules drive to the D2 and then go east to Nice. Near Cascade Saut du Ray there is a small path at the left (gps 43.783401, 7.061234). There isn’t an official trail but if you approach the waterfall from the west there shouldn’t be a problem to walk to the top of the waterfall. There is a grass field you have to cross and a small strip with trees at the riverside.

It is also possible to walk to the base of cascade Saut du Ray but this is a walk of 40 minutes. The trailhead lies further south along road D2 at Garussiere, a big parking area (gps 43.768240, 7.069752). Follow the path northeast to the cave of Vescagne, cross the bridge and go left. just follow the river upstream.

At the end of the trail the river la Cagne drops down over 15 meters in a single drop ending in a nice colorful pool of water. looks to me the perfect place for a swim.


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About Cascade Saut du Ray

RiverLa Cagne
Best visitEarly spring-after rainfall

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