Vo, Cascata del

(Cascata del Vò)

Cascata del Vo is a nice waterfall I enjoyed very much near the village of Schilpario (Val di Scalve) in the region of Lombardia, Italy.

It was quit a drive to visit Cascata del Vo and to reach Schilpario. Never take the road to Schilpario from the east, what a disaster, a road  with a bad surface, lots of turns and 80% only one car wide. Really you do not have time to enjoy nature because you are constantly paying attention.

From the west (via Darfo) the road is even more beautiful and much better. On the way to Schilpario you see, just before the village, a sign Chalet del Vo. Follow the road to the parking lot of the restaurant. From here you walk (easy) in 15-20 minutes through a beautiful countryside to the waterfall. It is not a very high waterfall, but still beautiful and powerful.

Cascata del Vo is appr 25 meters high and is situated in the river Vo.

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About Vo, Cascata del

LocationVal di Scalve - Schilpario
RiverTorrente Vo
Best visitSummer

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