Cascade du Voire

(Cascade Gorges de la Diosaz)

Cascade du Voire is a nice waterfall in the gorge de la Diosaz, a 1 kilometer long gorge west of Chamonix in the village of Servoz. The gorge is part of the national park “Réserve Naturelle de Carlaveyron”.

From Chamonix it is 14 kilometer to Servoz over road N205. There are signs and the parking is easy to find.

From the parking it is 2,6 kilometer walk (roundtrip) along the river la Diosaz through the gorge. The elevation of the trail is 130 meter and good walking shoes are recommended. The walk takes about 75 minutes and you have to pay an entrance fee.

There are several small waterfalls and I am not sure which one is Cascade du Voire. One of the biggest fall is a waterfall of 15 meter under a small suspension bridge.


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About Cascade du Voire

LocationServoz, Chamonix
RiverLa Diosaz
Best visitLate spring, after rainfall

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