Walbachstrub wasserfall

The Waldbachstrub wasserfall is an astonishing beautiful waterfall in the Echerntal, near Hallstatt in the region Oberösterreich, Austria. A mass of water plunges over the edge of a 90m high gorge and rushes roaringly and thunderously over three levels into the depths.

The Walbachstrub wasserfall can be reached by foot, from the centre of Hallstatt, in about 1.5 hours. From the parking lot at the beginning of the Echerntal a trail follows the river Waldbach and will cross the river several times. The first waterfall you walk by is the Schleierfall, but many waterfalls will follow. The last part of the trail to the Waldbachstrub waterfall can be steep.

A little bit further into the valley you will find a Glacier Garden, about 30 minutes away from the waterfall. The Glacier garden is a natural monument and is a relic of the last glacial period, whose glaciers retracted from the Echerntal about 12.000 years ago.

Best time to visit the Waldbachstrub wasserfall is probably from late spring until the late summer.

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