Ravenna wasserfall

The Ravenna wasserfall (or Ravennafall) is a waterfall in the Rvennaschlucht (a gorge) near Oberhöllsteig (Breitnau) in the region Schwarzwald, Germany.

Actually there are multiple small cascades with two worth mentioning waterfalls: the Grosser Ravenna wasserfall with a drop of 16 meter and the kleiner Ravenna wasserfall with a 6 meter drop.

The Ravennaschlucht is not that far from Freiburg. Over road 31 it is a 30 minute drive east to Kirchzarten and further to Oberhöllsteig. There is a parking, almost along the road at Oberhöllsteig (gps 47.916296, 8.071956).

From the parking walk to the Ravenna bridge where the trail starts into the Ravennaschlucht. After 10 minutes you already can see the grosser Ravenna wasserfall with a 16 meter high drop. A little further, after crossing the river twice, you will see the kleiner Ravenna wasserfall with a 6 meter drop.

It is a nice walk with beautiful views but the waterfalls them self aren’t very impressive.


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About Ravenna wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Germany
LocationOberhöllsteig (Breitnau)
Best visitAfter a rainy period

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