Todtnauer Wasserfall

The Todtnauer Wasserfall is one of the better waterfalls to visit when you are in the Schwarzwald and is located north of the little village of Todtnau in the region Baden-Württemburg, Germany.

Todtnauer wasserfall, Todtnau, Schwarzwald, Baden-Württemburg, GermanyWhen driving in or near Todtnau you already see the signs for the Todtnauer Wasserfall. When driving towards the Todtnauer Wasserfall the first thing you see is a nice overview of the waterfall. If there are no cars driving behind you, it is possible to stop at the river for a minute. When walking into the meadow on the other side of the road you will have a nice view.

From here it is only a few hundred meter until you arrive at the parking along the roadside at Kiosk/restaurant Aftersteg. There is a small admission required (in 2017 two euro’s for an adult) for the entrance. It is a 5 minute walk on a well maintained path that goes slightly up.

Todtnauer wasserfall, Todtnau, Schwarzwald, GermanyThe first viewpoint, at the end of the path, is also a guarantee for nice pictures. If you are tired of the 5 minute walk to the Todtnauer Wasserfall, there are two sun loungers in front of the waterfall. But they are wanted….

At first I thought why going up while you have the best view at the bottom? I am glad I walked up, taking less then 10 minutes. On the way to the top you will have great views on the waterfall and on the valley.

At the top of the big waterfall there is a much smaller waterfall, but it is gorgeous and very photogenic. When I send some pictures home, this waterfall was favorite for everybody!

After photographing the small waterfall form every angle I went further up where there is one small drop left. Not very special, but only walking along the river is a joy for life.

The Todtnauer Wasserfall is fed by melted snow or rain. The river Stübenbächle drops down over 97 meter in several stages. The biggest single jump is appr 60 meter high.

Best time to visit the Todtnauer Wasserfall is after a period of rainfall (autumn) or early spring. I visited the Todtnauer Wasserfall in april and the volume wasn’t very large but still enough to see a gorgeous waterfall.

During my three day visit of the Schwarzwald I visited 4 other waterfalls; Triberger wasserfälle, Burgbach wasserfallMenzenschwander wasserfälle and the Allerheiligen wasserfälle. My favorite one is the least touristic one, the Burgbach wasserfall. What I like most about this waterfall, besides the shape, is the darkness of the forrest. This creates a certain kind of feeling and a perfect setting for photo’s with great contrasts.

I also made a trip to Switzerland to one of the most powerful waterfalls of the main land of Europe, the Rheinfall. From the Schwarzwald it only a 1-1,5 hour drive and if you exit road 4 before Schaffhausen (exit 2) you don’t have to buy a vignet (over 40 euro). When I was at the Rheinfall the volume was reaching the amount of 275.000 liter/sec. In summertime the volume doubles.

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About Todtnauer Wasserfall

LocationTodtnau / Schwarzwald
Best visitAfter rainy period

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