Tazky vodopad

(Ťažký vodopád)

Ťažký vodopád is a 30 meter high waterfall in Slovakia located in the Vysoké Tatry, south of Tatranská Javorina.

Ťažký vodopád is a low volume waterfall near another (bigger) waterfall Hviezdoslavov vodopád.

From Lysa Polana (road 66) it is 3,5 hour walk along the river Biela Voda before you can see the waterfall Ťažký vodopád at the right side of the valley, just before Hviezdoslavov vodopád.

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About Tazky vodopad

CountryWaterfalls in Slovakia
LocationLysa Polana, Bielovodská dolina
RiverŤažkém potoce
Best visitSpring, early summer

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