Waterfalls in Serbia

Waterfalls in SerbiaSerbia is one of the former countries of Yugoslavia and has a few nice waterfalls. Serbia has, in summertime, a warm climate with little rain.

Serbia is a mountainous country with peaks over 2.000 meter. The highest mountain is the Midžor with a height of 2.169 meter.

Kaluđerski Skok is the highest waterfall in the country with a total height of 232 meter. The waterfall is located north of Topli Do, near the border with Bulgaria, in the nature park Stara Planina.

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Map of waterfalls in Serbia

A map of waterfalls in Serbia will follow soon.

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Best waterfalls in Serbia

Name Region Locations Height # Rating #
Veliki Buk East Strmosten, Vodna 20-25 m20