Bergaichter wasserfall


The Bergaichter wasserfall, also called Bärgachterfall, is a huge waterfall in the Tannheimer tal near the Vilsalpsee on the border of Austria and Germany.

Melted water out of the Alplsee drops down over 260 meters and makes the Bergaichter wasserfall one of the highest waterfalls in Austria.

From Tannheim a road leads to the Vilsalpsee. It takes a short hike further into the valley to see the Bergaichter wasserfall.

The Bergaichter wasserfall falls towards the north-northeast and can be best visited in the morning taking pictures towards the south. Best season top visit the Bergaichter wasserfall is late springtime or early summer.

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About Bergaichter wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Best visitSpring-Early summer

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