Brudesloret (Haukåvatnet)


Brudesløret is a big waterfall along the Haukåvatnet, west of Norddal (Flora) in the region Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.

Brudesloret-parkingDriving from Naustdal to Floro on road Rv5, there is a right turn, road 614 to Sveigen. This road runs along the Haukåvatnet and Brudesløret that you will see 8 kilometers after the exit. There is a nice parking along the fjord in front of Brudesløret.

Unfortunately it almost impossible to stop along the road to get another view on Brudesløret. From the parking it is possible to walk more east along the steep rock wall of the fjord, so be careful.

Brudesløret means bridal veil and is a common name for waterfalls in Norway. Often the river of a waterfall starts falling small and ends wide, looking like a bridal veil. Most of the time there is also a second name for waterfalls, named after the river. In this cause it then should be Tjørnesfossen, but I didn’t found any reference to this name.

From spring on the Brudesløret is a beautiful waterfall with a consistent flow of water in the river , very impressive to see. Over 105 meter (measured with a laser height meter) the river Tjørneselva thunders down into the Haukåvatnet. The source of the Brudesløret lies at two lakes, Tjørnesvatnet and Gulskarlivatnet. The lakes are part of a mountain plateau containing a few small glaciers from which Alfotbreen is the biggest with 17km2 (in 2016).

There are plans for hydropower development in the river, which can lead to falls being drained…unfortunately. I just recently discovered Brudesløret and decided to visit the waterfall July 2017. I was lucky, the volume in the river was good and the weather was sunny.

Brudesløret falls towards the south and best can be visited early in the morning or later in the afternoon. The pictures I took are taken late in the afternoon (5 pm).

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About Brudesloret (Haukåvatnet)

RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitSpring-Summer

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