Cascada de Ardonés

(Cascada del Boom, las tres cascadas)

Cascada d'Ardonés (Las tres Cascadas)Cascada de Ardonés (also named Cascadas del Boom) is located in the valley of three waterfalls (las tres cascadas) near Benasque in the Spanish Pyrenees. Cascada de Ardonés is located east of Cerler and Benasque in the region Aragon-Huesca, Spain.

From Benasque drive north over road A-139 and then take the exit right to Cerler (road A-2617). In Cerler drive further south over road A-26177 for 5 kilometer. In a sharp bend to the right there is a dust road to the left that leads to Cascada de Ardonés. We parked the car at parking “Al Born” at the road side but you can drive further down the dust road to the first waterfall in the valley las tres cascades. Because it is a short and beautiful walk it is better to park the car at the parking along the road.

After 5 minutes you already see the first waterfall “la Mascarda” (low volume in summertime) down in the valley. The path goes slightly down and at the left hundreds of sheeps are grazing in the meadow. After 15 minutes you have reached the bottom of the valley and a yellow sign. Here you have to go right in the direction of las tres cascadas that leads to Cascada de Ardonés.

The walk is pleasant and easy and leads along the river to Cascada de Ardonés. After a few minutes from the crossing (yellow sign) you already can see Cascada de Ardonés in the distance. If you look good you will see the second waterfall (cascada de Clotet) at the left side, but in summertime the volume is reduced to a tiny stream.

Walk further until you have arrived at the bridge in front of Cascada de Ardonés. The total walking time (from the parking) is approximately 20 minutes (1,5 kilometer). The walk is easy and suitable for children.

It is also possible to walk to Cascada de Ardonés starting from Cerler. The walk then takes appr. 45 minutes.

I loved Cascada de Ardonés because of the surrounding and the bridge in front of the waterfall. This is the perfect spot to take nice pictures of people in front of the waterfall. Now you see how tall this waterfall actually is.

There are several other waterfall in the valley of Benasque. The one I liked most is Cascada de Remuñe almost at the end of the valley. To be honest I think there are more beautiful waterfalls in gorgas del Alba (near hotel Turpi), but we didn’t made the hike.

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About Cascada de Ardonés

LocationCerler, Valle de Benasque
RiverBarranco de Ardones
Best visitEarly summer

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WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Cascada gorgas del Alba 9 km
Cascada de Remuñe 11 km
Cascada de Espigantosa 11 km
Cascada Aiguallut 14 km
Cascade de la Coume 15 km