Cascada de Cotatuero

Cascada de CotatueroCascada de Cotatuero is a very tall waterfall in in “Parque Nacional De Ordesa Y Monte Perdido”. Cascada de Cotatuero is located near Torla in the region Asturias-Huesca, Spain.

From Biescas drive to Torla over road N260a and park your car on the big parking lot just when entering Torla, parking is free.

The hike into “Parque Nacional De Ordesa Y Monte Perdido” starts at Torla (in summertime). Here you have to buy tickets for the bus that runs to the park entrance (10-15 minutes. It is wise to buy the tickets in advance. There is a small wooden selling point next to the visitors center on the parking lot.

Waterfalls Parque Nacional de OrdesaWhen day starts don’t go to late. After 10 AM (in summertime) it soon gets busy. After a short and pleasant drive the bus ends at the park entrance of national park Ordesa. Most people choose to walk to cascada de la Cola de Caballo along the river Arazas but another option is a steep and difficult hike to Cascada de Cotatuero.

Shortly after start walking into the Ordesa valley there is a path going left to Circo Cotatuero. We didn’t made this walk but I could see the top of Cascada de Cotatuero from a far distance. 

From the park entry near Torla it takes appr. 1,5-2 hour to get to the first real viewpoint on Cascada de Cotatuero. The hike ends after a little over 5 km on an altitude of 1.900 meter, an elevation of 400 meter.

I don’t have  much information of the hike and where to take pictures from but what I read is that you can take another route back to the parking via Circo de Carriata. Another possibility is a trail that leads further into the valley. This trail ends near cascada del Estrecho. A nice option if you like to hike further to cascada de la Cola de Caballo.

Cascada de Cotatuero is located in the river Cotatuero and has a total height of appr. 240 meter. Best time to see the waterfall flowing with a lot of power is late springtime or early summer.

2 thoughts on “Cascada de Cotatuero

  • 31 July 2019 at 03:11

    Thank you for your informative article. Do you know if parking is availble in the park in the summer?

    • 13 August 2019 at 09:36

      I just returned from a trip to Spain and I also visited Ordesa national park. In summertime it is wise to park your car on the big parking before in Torla (can’t miss it). You have to buy a ticket for about €4. The bus brings you in 10-15 minutes to the entrance of the park. The beginning of the walk is easy and soon you have to turn left. From here you have to walk. It is a very steep walk up to the waterfall in appr. 2-3 hours.


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About Cascada de Cotatuero

CountryWaterfalls in Spain
LocationTorla, Parque Nacional De Ordesa Y Monte Perdido
RiverBaranco Cotatuero
Best visitLate spring, early summer

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