Cascada de los Fresnos

Cascada de los Fresnos is one of the nine named waterfalls in Parque Natural del Monasterio de Piedra near Nuévalos in the region Aragon-Zaragoza, Spain. The surrounding of the monastery is of great beauty.

Cascada de los Fresnos is a 7 meter high waterfall in the river Piedra with a strange kind of shape. The water of the river Piedra gushes over unnatural looking rocks.

Monasterio de Piedra and its waterfalls can be found south of Nuévalos along road A202. You have to pay to enter the monastery and the park.

From the entrance there are several paths you can choose. On the map/photo you can see where all the waterfall are located.

There are several names waterfall in the national park:
Cascada Baño de Diana (small waterfall, appr. 2 meters high)
Cascada Caprichosa (one of the biggest waterfall in the park, appr. 35 meters high)
Cascada Cola de Caballo (the biggest waterfall with a height of appr. 50 meters)
Cascada Trinidad (a big with moss covered waterfall with a height of appr. 20 meters)
Cascada Los Chorreaderos (small low volume waterfall with tiny streams)
Cascada Iris (nice with moss covered waterfall, appr 12 meter high)
Cascada de los Fresnos (a very nice multiple cascade waterfall, appr 7 meters high)
Cascada Solitaria (a very nice multiple cascade waterfall, appr 5 meters high)
Cascada Vadillos

You can choose for yourself which one is the most beautiful waterfall in Parque Natural del Monasterio.

Beside the waterfalls you can also visit the monastery that was build in the year 1194.

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About Cascada de los Fresnos

CountryWaterfalls in Spain
LocationMonasterio de Piedras-Nuévalos
RiverRio Piedra
Best visitSpring-early summer

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