Cascada de San Miguel

(Salto de San Miguel, peña Angulo)

Cascada de San MiguelCascada de San Miguel (or peña Angulo) is a tall waterfall near Encima Angula in the region Castille y Leon – Burgos, Spain.

Driving on road BU-550 from Encima Angula you will see Cascada de San Miguel on the left side of the road, just before the tunnel, dropping down over 11o meter.

You can park the car just before the tunnel. The view from here is amazing, although it is from a distance. In the right season, after heavy rainfall, the waterfall gets quit impressive. In summertime the waterfall runs dry. Nevertheless in the summer of 2019 (end of July I went there while I was staying in Burgos). Unfortunately there was no water in the waterfall….

I parked my car at a big car park south of the tunnel. There are several information boards. There is a gate in a fence where you can walk through. After a few hundreds meter walking through a meadow with several cows you have reached the edge of the canyon. The views are amazing, but no water in the waterfall. A path (800 m) leads further to the top of the waterfall where you will have a clear view on the drop.

It also possible to go to the base of Cascada de San Miguel. From Encima Angula a small road is going south. After a curve in the road and a path that is going to the waterfall you can park your car. After appr 15-20 minutes you will get closer to the base of the waterfall but I am not sure if you can walk to the base all the way.

Nearby you will find the biggest single drop waterfall (222 m) of Spain, Salto del Nervion. Certainly a visit worthwhile!!

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About Cascada de San Miguel

CountryWaterfalls in Spain
RegionCastille y Leon - Burgos
LocationEncima Angula, Valle de Losa
RiverArroyo de San Miguel
Best visitEarly spring, Autumn, after rainfall

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