Cascada de Sorrosal

Cascada de SorrosalCascada de Sorrosal is a tall waterfall in the river Barranco del Sorrosal, with a double jump and a total height of 120 meter.

Cascada de Sorrosal is easy to reach and is located at the westside of the village Broto in the region Aragon-Huesca, Spain. From Biescas drive east over road N-260 and in Broto turn right (before crossing the river). There is a brown sign for Cascata del Sorrosal. After 200 meter here is parking but in summertime it can be crowded.

From the parking a path runs paralel to the river Barranco del Sorrosal to the waterfall. Within a few minutes you will see Cascada de Sorrosal. It is quite a special waterfall: the rock wall is formed during the last ice age. A large ice tong ended at the waterfall forming its shape.

I visited the north of Spain July/August 2019 and I almost forgot that there was such a beautiful waterfall in Broto. Fortunately I saw the sign for Cascada de Sorrosal when visiting the Roman bridge. Because it was a short walk we walked to the base of the waterfall.

It is difficult to explain why this waterfall impressed me that much. I liked the ordinary shape of the rock wall and the height of the waterfall. It all fitted into the perfect picture.

Cascada de Sorrosal is often used for Via Ferrata (climbing down along/through the river). Best time to visit Cascada de Sorrosal is early in the season, spring or early summer when there is a lot of melted snow that feeds the river Barranco del Sorrosal.

Nearby you can make a daytrip hike into “Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido” (near Torla) where the most beautiful waterfalls in Spain are located:  Cascada de la Cola de Caballo, Cascada del Estrecho / Cascada de la Cueva, Cascada de Cotatuero (from a distance), cascada Gradas de Soasa, Cascada de Arripas and several other small or unnamed falls.

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About Cascada de Sorrosal

CountryWaterfalls in Spain
RiverBarranco del Sorrosal
Best visitSpring, summertime

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