Cascada del Nervion

(Salto del Nervión)

Salto del Nervion (Cascada del Nervion)Cascada del Nervion or Salto del Nervión is the highest single drop waterfall in Spain with a single drop of 222 meter. Cascada del Nervion is a karstic waterfall that has its source, a few kilometers south from the waterfall, at the plateau  Gillarte/Gibijo and is fed by 3 small rivers Arroyo Iturrigutxi, Ajiturri and Urita.

Cascada del Nervion is located south of Delika (Canon de Nervion) in the region Castilla y León – Burgos/Alava, Spain.

There are two ways you can visit Cascada del Nervion/Salto del Nervión.
From Orduna drive to Delika and park the car there. From here you can walk into the canyon and admire Cascada del Nervion from the base. The walk should take a few hours.

Option number two is to approach Cascada del Nervion from the top. From Berberana drive north to Orduna over road BU-556 until there is a parking or sign to the waterfall. You don’t have to park your car at the aprking alobg the road. There are two others parking nearer to the waterfall. Pass the gate  (you don’t have to pay admission) and drive down the dust road. Be careful, there are some deep holes in the road. Drive up to the second parking at the end of the road. Most of the time there are enough spots for all visitors.

From the parking you can make a pleasant roundtrip to cascada del Nervion. Walk up to the visitors centre and toilet and go left here following the signs “Mirador Salto del Nervion – 2 km”. The path is very wel maintained and after 20 minutes you have reached the viewpoint on Salto del Nervion. Unfortunately there was no water in the waterfall during my visit end of July 2019. Nevertheless I didn’t regret my visit because the views where extremely beautiful and the views with big birds of prey where amazing.

For the way you can choose the path through the woodland, a little shorter and cooler with warm weather.

I shot a dozen pictures of the river bed, the views, the birds but still no water in the waterfall.

If you like walking you can choose to park your car at the gate entry. From here it is a 3,2 kilometer walk to the first viewpoint. There are several trails in the park, a good destination if you like walking.

Best time to visit Cascada del Nervion is in rainy periods: Late winter-spring. In summertime Cascada del Nervion dries up.

More information about the area can be found on the official website of Alava Turismo.

There are several other big waterfalls in the area and in a rainy period cascada San Miguel is also gorgeous.

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About Cascada del Nervion

CountryWaterfalls in Spain
RegionCastilla y León - Burgos/Alava
RiverRio Nervión/Rio Delika
Best visitLate winter-spring-after rainy period

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