Cascade Cirque de Saint Même

(Cascade Isolee, Grande Cascade, Cascade des Sources)

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The Cascade Cirque de Saint-Même are actually 3 waterfalls in the same river Source Guiers Vif east of Les Echelles (Chartreuse). From top to bottom the waterfalls are called: Cascade des Sources – Grande Cascade – Cascade Isolee. The river descends 500 meters in total.

Cirque de Saint-Même is located on the border of the regions Isere and Savoie near Saint-Même d’en haut in France. From Les Echelles drive east over road D520C>D45C to Saint-Même d’en haut. When the road ends there is a parking from which a trail starts into Cirque de Saint-Même.

The first part is easy to Pisse du Guiers, with a great view on Cascade Isolee can be reached in 30 minutes. It is possible to walk up along the river until you see Cascade Isolee.
The second part is a little bit more difficult and take more time. From the west side of the river a trail leads to a viewpoint on the Grande Cascade, the most beautiful of all. Here you can walk back at the west side of the river to a viewpoint on cascade de Isolee or take a steep trail to Cascade des Sources. A roundtrip will take at least 2-3 hours (4 kilometers).

Characteristics of the waterfalls are the limestone rocks, gorgeous to see. Especially the Grande Cascade looks nice and is also the biggest waterfall in Cirque de Saint-Même. In front of the Grande Cascade they built a wooden bridge, nice to see and perfect for a picture.

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About Cascade Cirque de Saint Même

CountryWaterfalls in France
RegionRhone Alpes/Savoie Isere
LocationSt Pierre de Chartreuse
RiverSource Guiers Vif
Height30m +50m
Best visitSpring, early summer

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