Cascade de la Pisse de Lanchatra

Cascade de la Pisse de Lanchatra is a powerful waterfall south of Venosc (D530) in Vallee de Veneon, in the region Rhone-Alpses/Isere, France.

The big revelation of my stay in the French Alps (July 2009) was the discovery of Cascade de la Pisse de Lanchatra. It was not on my list of waterfalls I wanted to visit but by coincidence I drove by.

Vallee de Veneon is one of the better valleys for waterfall hunting in France. There are dozens of rapids, small and big waterfalls. One of the biggest (most powerful) is Cascade de la Pisse de Lanchatra.

From the roadside you already have a good view on Cascade de la Pisse de Lanchatra. But it only gets more interesting if you walk to the small bridge in front of the waterfall. The shape, the power and the surrounding makes this waterfall one the most beautiful waterfalls in France.

The river Pisse thunders down over at least 120 meters. You can see how big it is if you see the picture with a person on the bridge (4th) in front of Cascade de la Pisse de Lanchatra.

Cascade de la Pisse de Lanchatra is fed by several small glacier near the mountain Roche de la Muzelle (3.485 meter). That is why summertime is the best period to visit Cascade de la Pisse de Lanchatra and most of the other waterfalls in Vallee de Veneon.

A little further into the valley of Veneon you can see one of the tallest waterfalls in France (240 meter) called cascade de la Froide Pisse.

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About Cascade de la Pisse de Lanchatra

LocationSaint Christophe en Oisans-Venosc
RiverRuisseau de la Pisse
Best visitEarly summer

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