Cascata della Val Nera

Cascata della Val Nera is one of those hidden gems waterfalls that are typical for Italy. Cascata della Val Nera can be found in Valle Vago (on a road called Via Forcolo) south of Livigno in the region Lombardia.

From Livigno it is a short drive to Alpe Vago where you can park your car along the main road (gps 46.468402, 10.093822). It is prohibited to drive over the small road to Alpe Vago, but is a short walk to the trailhead of Cascata della Val Nera.

From the trailhead it is a 2 kilometer walk (30 minutes) on a trail along the river Vago until you reach this 10-20 meter high waterfall.

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About Cascata della Val Nera

CountryWaterfalls in Italy
LocationVia Forcolo - Livigno
RiverTorrente Val di Campo
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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