Cascata delle Sponde

(Cascata delle Sponde I & II & III)

Cascata delle Sponde (Valle Maggia)Cascata delle Sponde is a low volume waterfall (in summertime) near Maggia in the region Ticino, Switzerland.

From Locarno drive into Valle di Maggia, passing Maggia and Someo. Just outside Some, near Riveo, you see a waterfall at the left side of the road and a glimpse of a waterfall at the right side of the road (this is Cascata delle Sponde). Soon there is small parking at the right side with some small yellow signs. Park your car here (gps 46.293732, 8.640430).

In a few minutes time you walk to the lower part of Cascata delle Sponde. The spot is popular by locals and tourists because this is one of the best spot to swim under a waterfall. It is also a perfect spot to lunch or to dine: people had a picnic and where bbq-ing.
When I was there July 2021 I cooked my meal on a gaspit with a magnificent view on the pool in front of the waterfall, perfect!

Cascata delle Sponde (Valle Maggia)I spend hours enjoying the water, the views and swimming under the waterfall. And parking was for free. This is really a spot I want to go back to with my family, they will love it.

Cascata delle Sponde is quite at tall waterfall and from the bottom you can’t see the upper parts. I am not sure if there is a way to climb to the upper parts of the waterfall. I forgot to find out. On maps there isn’t a path along the waterfall. Only that the lower part is 95 meter high, the middle part 20 meter and the upper part is 94 meter high.

Valle the Maggia is the perfect valley for chasing waterfalls and to swim at gorgeous spots. There are so many spot to swim at waterfalls, but Cascata delle Sponde I liked most.

The most famous and touristic waterfall is Cascata di Foroglio, a must to visit!

Here is a link to another video made by Tanya:

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About Cascata delle Sponde

LocationRiceo, Someo, Valle di Maggia
RiverRi delle Sponde
Best visitEarly summer

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