Cascata di Bignasco

(Cascata Grande)

Cascata di BignascoCascata di Bignasco (also named cascata Grande) is a 70 meter high waterfall in Bignasco, Valle di Maggia, in the region Ticino, Switzerland.

I think it was 2004 when we had holiday at Laggo Maggiore. We decided too drive up into Valle Maggia to some great waterfalls like cascata di Foroglio, where I had seen pictures of. What a nice surprise when we were driving in Bignasco and we noticed cascata di Bignasco. An impressive view on a beautiful shaped waterfall in front of a public swimming pool.

In Bignasco (driving on the main road) take a right turn. There are signs for the swimming pool. Keep right and follow the road to the end where you can park the car at the swimming pool (gps 46.335946, 8.6111280.

From the parking you already have a nice view on Cascata di Bignasco. It is also possible to walk to the base of the waterfall. Just follow the path over the grass.

There wasn’t to much water (in July) that flowed in the river but enough to impress. Nearby there are several impressive waterfalls. Unfortunately I missed some….. Most famous one is cascata di Foroglio in Valle di Bavona, a must to visit.

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About Cascata di Bignasco

CountryWaterfalls in Switzerland
LocationBignasco/Valle Maggia
RiverRi Grande
Best visitEarly summer

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