Cascata di Zompo lo Schioppo

Cascata di Zompo lo Schioppo is one of the biggest waterfalls in the region of Abruzzo, Italy. Cascata di Zompo lo Schioppo is located in the national park “Riserva Regionale Zompo lo Schioppo”, near Morino/La Fossa (south of Avezanno).

From Avezanno take road SS82 to Morino. At Morino turn right to Grancia and “Riserva Regionale Zompo lo Schioppo”. Follow the road and look for signs Cascata. The road ends at the camping site “lo Schioppo“. Park your car here (gps 41.850534, 13.412757). Probably you can see the waterfall already in the distance. 

Trail Cascata di Zompo lo Schioppo
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You have to walk a little bit back the road where you will see a trail left of the road but you can also take a trail from the parking going south. The trail is signed and takes 20 minutes (the shortest one). There is a picnic spot near the waterfall and the walk seems to be easy. Access to the national park costs 1 euro (2015).

Cascata di Zompo lo Schioppo is a 80 meter single drop waterfall in an exceptional surrounding. This waterfall looks really gorgeous. When I was in Italy in 2014 I should have visited this waterfall but I was afraid the river runs almost dry in summertime. But on the contrary, Cascata di Zompo lo Schioppo it is an example of karst spring that empties it reservoir in the summer and autumn months.

The water flows from a steep limestone cliff with a drop of over 80 meters, forming the highest natural waterfall, after Cascata del Verde, in the mountain range the Apennines. Aside of Cascata di Zompo lo Schioppo you can also a smaller stream creating a waterfall in an unnamed stream.

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About Cascata di Zompo lo Schioppo

LocationLa Fossa-Morino
RiverTorrente dello Schioppo
Best visitSummer-Autumn

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