Cascata di Mondada

(Cascata di Cranzünasc)

Cascata di Mondada or Cascata di Cranzünasc is an unofficial named waterfall which we discovered when we were on holiday in the region of Lago Maggiore. From here it is a short drive to the beautiful Valle Maggia with dozens of waterfalls.

Cascata di Mondada is located at Mondada, near Bignasco, in Valle Bavona, Ticino, Switzerland. From Locarno drive into Valle di Maggia to Bignasco and take the left turn into Valle Bavona. After a few minutes you reach the hamlet Mondada with on the left side Cascata di Mondada. Park the car at the parking, near the busstop (gps 46.357746, 8.581990). From here you only have to walk a hundred meter, towards the river, until you reach the gorgeous Cascata di Mondada.

The riverside is a perfect spot to bath and to enjoy nature. When we were there we directly fell in love. All that beauty, the waterfall, cosy houses, so perfect. At the right side of the road we walked up to a house with a perfect view.

Nearby there are several impressive waterfalls. Unfortunately I missed some….. Most famous one is cascata di Foroglio, also in Valle di Bavona, a few kilometer further down the valley.

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About Cascata di Mondada

CountryWaterfalls in Switzerland
LocationMondada-Valle Bavona
RiverRi di Cranzünasc
Best visitEarly summer

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