Cedca, slapa

(Cedca waterfall)

Cedca waterfall used to have the highest, 132 metres, drop of water of all Slovenian waterfalls. That was before multiple landfalls started in May 2008 and completely changed the shape of the wall and the flow of the water.

The Cedca waterfall was until May 2008 the proud symbol of Jezersko and also one of the highest waterfall in the country. Unfortunately part of the wall, where ?edca made her free fall, collapsed and changed the course of the river. In a few minutes the height of the falls was reduced from 130 m to only 20 m. The position of the highest (single drop) waterfall in Slovenia is now in the hands of Kloma (128 m), located in the Kloma Valley in the Julian Alps.

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About Cedca, slapa

CountryWaterfalls in Slovenia
RegionGorenjska - Kranj
LocationZgornje Jezersko

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