Dissaltakfossen is a nice waterfall in the north of Norway, near the border with Finland. The waterfall is located at the end of the Reisadalen in the region Troms. Best (and easiest) way to visit Dissaltakfossen is by boat.

From Storslett (road E6) take the exit to the Reisadalen. Follow the road for 46 kilometer until you end in Bilto or a little further at Saraelv.

In summertime there are regular riverboat trips, taking you to Mollisfossen, passing Dissaltakfossen. There are three companies offering boat tours. Prices are about the same but Svartfoss is the most customer friendly. They respond very quick on emails and the guides are very helpful and friendly. A boat tour to Mollisfossen costs NOK 950 per person (with a minimum of NOK 2.950) and takes about 4 hour. This is quite expensive but I am glad we did the tour. It is possible to hike to the Dissaltakfossen (one way 2,5-3 hour) or to Mollisfossen (one way 5 hour). On the south side of the river Reisaelva there is a trail.

Dissaltakfossen has a single drop of approximately 20 meter but has a total height of 62 meter. Disslatakfossen is located in a tribute river of Reisaelva, in a gorgeous surrounding. Especially when approaching the waterfall you can see a colorful rock formation aside of the waterfall.

Although most of the Reisadalen is a national park, there are permits for fishing: if you like fishing, the Reisaelva is famous because of the big salmon swimming in the river.

Upstream you can find two other gorgeous waterfalls, the huge Mollisfossen and the picturesque Imofossen (Imogorzi) but you have to take another kind of tour/boat trip to see this one.

Boat trip Reisadalen: Mollisfossen and DissaltakfossenBest time to visit the Reisadalen is June when snow melts from the mountains and there is a lot of water in the river. When we where in the Reisadalen, August 2018, level of the river was low and the boat sometimes had trouble to find its way. Our guide Tom knew exactly how to navigate the boat. Nevertheless there was enough water in the waterfalls we saw.

At the coast the sun was shining but after 15 minutes in the boat heaven was coming down (heavy shower). Strange thing it was that at Mollisfossen the sky was clear. It happens oft that there is a big difference in the weather between the coast and the inland.

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