Dusanfossen is a nice waterfall near Bolkesjø, near road 37 between Gransherad and Jondalen in the region Telemark, Norway. Dusanfossen is a remote located waterfall quite unknown by tourists.

Driving from Jondalen to Granherad over road 37 there a small dust road/path (gps 59.736579, 9.317081) that leads to the Dusanfossen.

You have to park the car here and walk for 1.1 kilometer over the trail. There are no signs. At the end of the trail there is still a path that runs north/northeast until you reach the Dusanfossen after another 700 meter. Total walking time should be less then 30 minutes.

You have to listen where the waterfall is located but it is easy to reach. Dusanfossen falls down in two steps over 7 meter and 3 meter. It is possible to swim in front of the Dusanfossen, but probably the water is quite cold.

There are several other small waterfalls in the river Kvitaa nearby: the Vrangfoss (upstream) and Lauvfossen (downstream). The trail runs further upstream to the Vrangfoss. This is another Vrangfoss then the one at the Telemark canal.


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About Dusanfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
LocationBolkesjø, Notodden
Best visitLate spring, early summer

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