(Elgåfossen, Elgafallet, Älgafallet)

Elgåfossen or Älgafallet in Swedish is one of the biggest waterfalls in Sweden with a total height of 46 meters.

Elgåfossen/Älgafallet is a nice waterfall on the border between Norway and Sweden, north of Vassbotten along road E22.

Along road 22 there is a parking appr. 1 km from the border, in Norway. There are signs and information is available about the a mill that used to be at the waterfall. From the parking it is a few minutes walk to the Elgåfossen/Älgafallet. The waterfall is already visible and crossing teh bridge will take you nearer to the waterfall.

Best time to visit Elgåfossen/Älgafallet is after rainfall in spring or autumn. In summertime the flow is reduced to a tiny stream.

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About Elgafossen

RegionVästra Götalands län
LocationHoltet (Norway)-Tanum N(Sweden)
Best visitSpring-autumn-after rainfall

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