Falls of Clyde

(Dundaff Linn, Corra Linn, Bonnington Linn, Stonebyres Linn)

Falls of Clyde is a actually a collective noun for four waterfalls in Clyde river at New Lanark in the south of Scotland (United Kingdom).

Falls of Clyde can be reached from New Lanark, southeast of Glasgow. From Glasgow take the M7 to the south and take the exit to Dalserf/Overtown (A71). At Dalserf take the Lanark road (A72). In Lanark take the turn to New Lanark until you reach the parking of the falls of Clyde.

From the car parking walk south and you pass by Dundaff Linn first, then Corra Linn and Bonnington LinnStonebyres Linn is located a few kilometers downstream from the parking. Linn means waterfall in Scotland.

The highest waterfall of all four is Corra Linn. Here the river Clyde cascades down over 25 meters. Dundaff Linnis 10 meters high and Bonnington Linn (twinfall) is 3 meters high, but is one of the nicest.

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About Falls of Clyde

CountryWaterfalls in the United Kingdom
LocationNew Lanark/South of Glasgow
RiverClyde river
Best visitAfter heavy rainfall

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