FatlafossenFatlafossen is an unknown and unnamed waterfall along the Sognefjord near Leikanger in the region Vestland, Norway. When driving along the Sognefjord on road 13 (east of Leikanger/Hermansverk) a nice waterfall shoes up along the road. Just before the tunnel when driving to the east.

There is a parking along road 13, almost in front of the Fatlafossen. The name Fatlafossen is derived from the river Fatla and you can see the lower part of the waterfall very good. The river Fatla cascade down over 400 meter but from the roadside you can’t see all of the waterfall. The flow of the river can vary and after rainfall it quite a nice waterfall.

Pictures: ©Miklos Donders – NL

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About Fatlafossen

LocationHermansverk, Leikanger, Sogndal
Best visitAfter a rainy period

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