Fiellun putous

(Fjellu, Fiellogorži)

Fiellun putous or Fiellogorži is one of the bigger waterfalls in Finland and is located near Utsjoki in the norhern parts of Finland (Lapland).

Fiellun putous is difficult to reach and is located in the nature park Kevon luonnonpuisto. To get to the waterfall you have to follow the Kevo trail which is 64 kilometer long. Halfway you can admire Fiellun putous.

Fiellun putous is 26 meter high and falls down over 26 meter. Best period to visit the waterfall is late summer or autumn. Fiellun putous is one of the most powerful waterfall in Finland and can reach a volume of 11.m3/sec.

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About Fiellun putous

CountryWaterfalls in Finland
LocationKevon luonnonpuisto/Utsjoki
Best visitLate summer or autumn

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