Fosselvfossen is a waterfall at the Straumfjorden (Nordreisa) in the region Troms, Norway.

From the campsite along road E6 it a 2 kilometer walk uphill (some part steep, total elevation 150 meter) through forrest terrain and woodlands before you will see the Fosselvafossen. You can quit close to the waterfall where you still can see snow underneath the waterfall.

There are sign on the trail and it takes 30-40 minutes before you have a good view. Best time is late in the afternoon (or just before sundown) when you have a beautiful orange light over the Fosselvafossen.

The river Fosselva drops down from a plateau creating a waterfall with a 64 meter single drop called Fosselvafossen. Although Fosselvafossen is located near road E6 it isn’t a well known waterfall.


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About Fosselvfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
LocationNordreisa, Straumfjorden

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