(Lavanterfall, Lavanter wasserfall)

The Frauenbachfall, also called Lavanterfall or Lavanter wasserfall, is a very nice waterfall to visit. The Frauenbachfall (Lavanterfall) is located east of the town Lavant, not far from Lienz, in the region Tirol, Austria

The Frauenbachfall (Lavanterfall) is easy to access: from road 100 there are signs for the Frauenbach wasserfall which lead to a parking lot. From the parking  it is a 10 min walk to the base of the waterfall. In front of the Frauenbachfall (Lavanterfall) an ugly metal viewpoint was built. Nice for the view but it spoils the natural environment of the waterfall.

Best time to visit the Frauenbachfall (Lavanterfall) is in the morning when the sun shines in the gorge. When taking pictures you will photograph towards the northeast. Best season to visit the Frauenbachfall (Lavanterfall) is early summer, maybe late spring.

The Frauenbachfall (Lavanterfall) is a low volume waterfall but with three stages the river Frauenbach plunges down over 80 meters. The origin of the river lies at the mountain range Lienzer Dolomiten with tops of 2700 meters.

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About Frauenbachfall

Best visitEarly summer

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